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Why Join a Beach Clean Up

Two women with garbage bags picking up trash on the beach

Are the apartments for rent in Honolulu your home? If so, there's a good chance that you've developed something of a personal connection with the beaches here, and wouldn't mind putting in a bit of hard work to ensure they stay looking crystal clean and pristine for generations to come. Why not put your proverbial money where your mouth is, then, and join in on Kapilina's Sunday Beach Cleanup this July 28th:

"Looking for a fun volunteer opportunity? Join in this fun ocean clean up on Sunday, July 28th from 8am- 10am to help clean our one-mile stretch of beach. We will be meeting up at Pilikai Beach Park adjacent to D'lish at the Beach. Snacks, water station, and supplies for clean-up will be provided at the start location. We ask volunteers to bring a reusable water bottle and smiles to this event!"

Why, you might ask, is this an event you should take part in? There are plenty of reasons to join in on a community beach clean up project, and today, we're going to spell them out for you so you have all the motivation you need to show up, get your hands dirty, and do your part in helping keep one of Hawaii's most amazing beaches looking a beautiful as possible.

Why Beach Clean Ups Are As Important As Ever

The concept of a beach cleanup shouldn't be that difficult to grasp. Large numbers of community members come together, head to the beach, then clean up trash along the beach. It's simplicity at its finest — whatever's at the beach that doesn't belong has to go, and in the process, the beach becomes a bit lovelier and cleaner for all.

Why is this important, though? Is there really that much trash at the beach? Generally speaking, yes. From plastic bottles to discarded cigarette butts, experts estimate there are roughly seven billion tons of debris thrown onto beaches around the world every year. This isn't just making the beaches look unseemly, mind you, it also has significant impacts on the environment and the health of our oceans.

Take the aforementioned plastics, for example. They account for about 60% of the litter on beaches globally. That might not seem like a big deal at first, until you think about how harmful plastics are just laying around. According to Swim Guide:

"Plastics often don’t degrade very quickly, and are persistent in the environment. Chemicals on the plastic are leeched into water and ingested by humans and animals, where they can potentially impact hormones and other systems."

And those consequences can be deadly. Remember that story from last year about the dead sperm whale that washed ashore in Indonesia? It was found with more than 1,000 pieces of plastic inside its body — proof positive that litter has far-reaching and dire consequences on marine life. Whales aren't the only victims either. When trash ends up on the beach and in the oceans, all kinds of animals can mistake it for food and swallow it — a fatal mistake they have no way of knowing that they're committing.

So, beach clean ups help keep animals in the water safe (and the beach looking nice), but did you know that the benefits go even further? Here's a tip for anyone who loves seafood: by helping keep the oceans clean, you're helping keeping that supply of seafood plentiful and healthy, and by extension, yourself. Think about it. If the animals in the water are digesting garbage and toxins, and then you eat them, what do you think you're ingesting? That's right — garbage and toxins. Keep the waters clean, and you're doing yourself (and all the other seafood lovers) a huge favor.

What's more, you'll be helping to improve the local economy. Any place with a beach is a hotbed for tourism. Tourists won't be too keen to visit, though, if the beach looks like something out of a dystopian fiction. A clean beach equals a steady supply of people wanting to visit, which, in turn, brings business to your local establishments and helps keep the economy healthy for you and yours.

And we haven't even touched on the more personal reasons you'd want to get involved in a beach clean up. For starters, it's a great excuse to get outside and go to the beach. The sunshine, the breeze, the sand between your toes — it makes for a memorable experience every time, even when you're putting in hard work trying to make sure the beach stays free of litter. What's more, you'll have an opportunity to meet plenty of like-minded company who also holds the beach in high regard. Who knows, you might make some new friends, and forge some lifelong bonds just because you decided to go out and do some good.

Sure, there's a chance that trash will roll right back in, and folks like you will have to come out again and clean up some more, but before you succumb to the defeatist attitude, consider this: you're highlighting the problem, and starting to make a change at the level that really matters: right in your community. One beach clean up won't save the world, true, but putting in the effort will encourage more to join, and if you're meticulous about what you're doing out there, it will help experts pinpoint the source of all that trash and help stem the tide further. So what are you waiting for? Mark the beach clean up on your calendar, and get ready to make a difference.

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