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What It's Like to Live in Oahu

Aerial shot of downtown Oahu waterfront on a sunny day

Hawaii is a world renowned destination for vacationers of all types, and for good reason. Beautiful landscapes combine with clear, warm waters to create the artistic scenery of a paradise some only dream of. There are a lot of pre-notions about what life here is like. It's not all surf bums and luaus every day like some might think, but ask anyone living in the Honolulu apartment rentals (or anywhere else for that matter) and they'll tell you that it is most certainly the perfect slice of paradise. So what is life here really like?

Chilling Out

While many view the island as a calm and cool place, many people don't exactly understand just how calm it is. Things in Hawaii move slower than most are used to. For instance, scheduling an appointment on Monday doesn't mean next week, it usually means next month. The speed limit along the coastline is only 35mph, and people tend to walk at a slower pace here as well. Why is that? Citizens here have learned to slow down and truly enjoy life and all the beauty that surrounds them. Living at a slower pace eliminates an incredible amount of stress from your day, a drastic difference from the hustle and bustle of city life that so many mainlanders are use to. Maybe it's the ocean air, maybe it's from soaking in the sunshine, but regardless of the cause, this stillness creates an atmosphere of ease and comfort.

Getting Your Goods

Another easily overlooked factor is that, well, you'd be living on an island. That means that it is going to take things a little longer to get here. Shipping is a little more expensive, and deliveries are going to take a while longer than you might be used to. While there are plenty of stores that have more than you'll need, some of the things you want may not always be in stock. This comes as a shock to all too many, but it isn't really bad at all, and only requires a little thinking ahead on certain items we've come to consider "necessities". Once you catch up, or slow down, to the speed of life on the island you won't even notice the difference. No one else here does!

Paradise Isn't Perfect

For one reason or another, a percentage of those that move here are under the impression that such an oasis doesn't have its fair share of problems like the rest of the world. You'll still get sick from time to time, you'll inevitably find yourself caught in traffic, and houses still require mortgages. Oh, and things rust. The salty air here causes things to rust at a much faster rate, which means you'll be repainting your car more often. Paradise isn't perfect, and Hawaii is just like anywhere else when it all comes down to it, but it's still paradise!

...but Paradise is Perfect, too

If you can handle those three lifestyle changes, then you'll soon realize exactly why this place is a haven for its residents. First and foremost are the beaches. Living in such close proximity to warm, crystal clear waters is a luxury few enjoy elsewhere. Choosing to stay in Oahu grants many access to a mile long private beach, and gives their children endless fun in the sun as well as a high quality education at Iroquois Point Elementary School. There's the endless sunshine, broken up only by sporadic rains that last a grand total of 10 minutes. Plus, there are a variety of awesome locations right next door to wherever you live.

A fun place to make a day out of is Barber's Point bowling and golf center, definitely a great family spot. For the more adept golfer, there's a whole list of fantastic courses that includes Coral Creek, Ewa Beach, Kapolei, and the Hawaii prince golf clubs. For many, that's paradise enough! The Podium Raceway offers awesome indoor racing tracks with electric-karting for groups and individuals as well, while the Kapolei Movie Theater has all of the latest hits.

A more popular location for newcomers (and those that have lived here a while, too, if we're being honest) is Paradise Cove Luau. This seaside resort features Hawaiin cuisine and tropical drinks strong enough to knock your socks off. That's on top of the hula and fire dancers. If you're looking for the freshest sushi outside of Japan you can find it at Genki, and when need a change of pace from seafood you can head over to Teddy's Bigger Burgers for one juicy sandwich. Mexican and Italian fare can also be found on the island. We like to keep it cultural.

Just like any other place, we also have Walgreens, Safeway, Ross, Petco, GNC, Foodland, and CVS for your various needs. Unlike any other place, they're all located on this masterpiece of an island.

Honolulu Apartment Rentals

Topping off the palm trees and warm waters are luxurious apartments that you can call your own. By luxurious we're talking modern, tropical themed complexes with tons of amenities. Beautiful flooring comes together with quartz countertops and spacious floorplans to make these apartment dwellings complete with outdoor living areas unlike any other. Reserved, covered parking keeps your vehicle safe while full size washer and dryers add the perfect touch to your home. While the interiors are wonderful, it's the outdoor amenities that create a resort-like experience. Farmer's markets, jacuzzis, swimming pools, dog parks, fitness centers, sporting courts, and so much more create the ultimate experience in luxury living. As if the island isn't perfect enough, these apartments have made paradise that much sweeter.

If you have ever, even for a split second, considered moving to the island of Hawaii then get out here! What are you waiting for? Life is still the usual everyday down here, but even at the end of the roughest workday you can still kick your feet up and relax in this beautiful oasis. People say you can't buy happiness, but having a home in Oahu or Honolulu sure helps.