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Top Rated West Oahu Attraction

A bluff adjacent to tall buildings on the waterfront

Oahu is an attraction all in itself, but those staying at the luxury Oahu apartments for rent (or any of the fine locations on the island) are a short trip away from the island's best attractions. You won't find these unique spots anywhere else in the world.

Hawaii's Plantation Village

Once upon a time (the 1800's), Hawaii saw an influx of immigrants who were hunting for work on the island's many sugar plantations. Plantation Village serves as the only place left where the preservation of those times still remains. It's considered a historic museum and open for guided tours only. Visitors can expect to see authentically furnished buildings from the era, a Chinese social hall, Japanese shrine, sumo ring, and saimin stand alongside historic homes. This is a neat piece of history, and a nice day trip sitting roughly 30 minutes outside of Honolulu.

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

Three times a week you can find hundreds of vendors and bargain hunters at this outdoor bazaar. If you're looking for the perfect souvenir, this is where you will find it. Ethnic wares, swimsuits, shell necklaces, Japanese pottery, gorgeous Chinese dresses, and so much can all be found here in the Aloha Stadium parking lot. There is also plenty of ethnic food to enjoy. Make sure to wear sunscreen and bring some bottled water as this can be an hours long event.

Hawaiian Fire

Head over to this store to pick up t-shirts, backpacks, beach accessories and more. This store offers Hawaiian Firefighter themed clothing and accessories, and all proceeds benefit the local athletic teams and organizations. It's a neat little shop sure to have something you'll like.

Laniwai Spa

What's more Hawaiian than pampering and relaxation? This spa at Aulani really does it right. Each member of the staff is extensively trained in Hawaiian culture and history to make sure the energies they project during your visit are just right. That might sound goofy, but one visit here will have you believing that it's true. With over 150 different treatments, you'll be able to come back again and again. They also have what is called the Kulu Wai, and outdoor hydrotherapy garden with private vitality pools, mineral baths, rain showers, and whirlpool jet spas. Only in Oahu!

Waikele Premium Outlets

Shopaholics rejoice! Here's your one stop spot to indulge in all of your shopping needs. Take a shuttle from Waikiki to avoid the traffic, and enjoy over 50 different premium shopping stores with all of the finest merchandise. Calvin Klein, Saks Fifth Avenue, AIX Armani Exchange, and Coach are just a few examples. Go on, satisfy that urge to find the best deals!

Ama Ama

Did someone say food? This fine dining restaurant at the Disney resort offers its patrons dishes served with fresh local ingredients. Enjoy exotic regional delights from traditional Thai dishes to the exquisite Japanese Kurobuta pork. The restaurant also offers stunning views of the Ko Olina lagoons and the Pacific Ocean. Throw in some live music with half priced lunch menus and you have a fantastic dining location.


Everyone loves a good buffet, but one comprised of locally sourced sustainable food can't be beat. You'll find a mix of Hawaiian seafood, Asian delights, grilled meats with vegetables, an a la carte menu, and more. Adults can enjoy a drink in the Olelo room, while kids can enjoy the Character Breakfast. Oh! I almost forgot, this is at Disney's Aulani resort. Plan in advance and you can book your child a reservation for breakfast with all of their favorite Disney characters. How's that for a vacation?

Makaha Beach Park

This list of Oahu attractions just wouldn't be complete without mentioning some of the top beaches, and Makaha might just be the best. Sure, you could just go to Wet 'N Wild Hawaii for some water park fun, or you could experience the true atmosphere of the islands. Makaha offers a view of the local lifestyle that most visitors don't get the chance to see. This laid back atmosphere harbors ukulele music, fishing, hibachi grills, and lawn chair lounging. It is also a favorite hangout spot for island legend Buffalo Keaulana. This surf master made Makaha home to the world's first international surf meet in 1951, and continues to host the Big Board Surfing Classic. It offers decent swimming, but the true attraction comes from those looking for its major waves. For the true Hawaiian experience, this is where you'll want to go.

White Plains Beach Park

Once a part of the Barbers Point Naval Air Station, this prime spot of beach is now open to the public. Think Waikiki minus the crowds and condos. There's plenty of waves to be surfed here, and the shoreline offers a more relaxing swim. From here, you will be able to get a good look at Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head, which make for wonderful sights. Speaking of sights, this beach earns its name from the white colored sands that can be found here. Tree covered barbecue areas are perfect for grilling, and the restroom facilities are clean as a whistle. This is also home to a rare sight here on the islands, a monk seal. This critter makes his home on the beach for several months out of the year, which is strange as these creatures are rarely seen here in Hawaii. If you had the perfect day trip in mind, look no further.

Electric Beach

Are you an avid snorkeler? If not, have you ever wanted to try? If your answer is yes, then head on over to Electric Beach. It gets its name from the neighboring power plant. That might not sound like something great, but it is. The plant expels warm water that attracts a wide variety of aquatic life. You can find tropical fish, sea turtles, moray eels, and even spinner dolphins. This beach isn't crowded like the main touristy ones most head to. The only precaution, wear shoes. This area has a lot of rocks.

Oahu Apartments

All of these unique locations can be found right here in Oahu. Just think, you could come to any of these destinations year round by making your home in the luxury, amenity rich Oahu apartments for rent. The Hawaiian islands are some of the most beautiful in the world, but Oahu takes the cake. Why else would so many travel here each here?