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The uirky Gift Ideas for 2017

A woman opening a gift box next to a brightly lit Christmas tree

Finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be challenging. Some people are easy to shop for, others have such unique tastes that this year's hottest items just won't do. Then, there's always at least one family who is impossible to buy for.

So, what do you get the person who has everything? How do you find a gift for the person with specifically unique tastes? The answer is simple. You buy them a quirky gift.

Whether they're an avid baseball fan or live the coastal life in cozy beach apartments, there's a quirky gift specifically made for their selective interests. Check out these interesting gift ideas.

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Fishing and campfires are essential parts of the outdoorsy lifestyle. If you have someone in your life who loves both, then this gift combines them into the ultimate bonfire roaster. With a long handle designed to look like a fishing pole and a metal skewer that can hold multiple items at once, this gift is both practical and eye catching. Best of all, there's a little metal fish at the bottom of the line, making it look as though they just reeled in a major catch.

For the Cheese Lover

Almost everyone loves cheese, but some people are fanatics about it. There are a wide variety of gifts that separate themselves from the norm while ensuring that the recipient will be thrilled after tearing open the packaging.

Opting for a unique cheese cutter or board is an excellent idea that allows them to serve up scrumptious platters, not to mention an easy to find gift. Friends who used to make their own cassette mixes could benefit from a mix-tape cheeseboard, while a marble and wood model is perfect for the more elegant. However, giving them the gift of cheese is perhaps the best way to go.

Skip the grocery store selection and head straight for the artisanal. Plymouth, located in Vermont, offers a delicious selection of flavors, all hand waxed by a master cheesemaker. Garlic peppercorn, black truffle, and sambal are just a few of their unique flavors.

Rustic Board Games

A good board game used to make for an excellent gift, but they seem to be on the decline with the rise of technology. If you happen to know someone or a family that still loves whipping out a classic game, then gift them a classic version of that game.

Rustic board games are the same favorites everyone grew up with, but created with old-school style. The like of Monopoly, Candy Land, Risk and more have all been redesigned to match their old designs. It's something different, fun and no more expensive than the modern sets.

For the Avid Reader

If you are buying for a bibliophile this holiday season, then consider this person the easiest on the list. A pair of bookends displaying one of their favorite books or something else they love is a simple yet thoughtful gift that can be used for a lifetime. If you're looking for something a little more outside of the norm, go with a library card print that showcases their favorite novel.

Coasters Are In

For a while, it seemed as though the coffee/glass coaster was a thing of the past. Recently, it's back on the rise with as home decoration becomes more and more eclectic. Companies are catching on, too, creating all sorts of unique and fascinating designs to choose from.

For instance, you could pick up a pack of Baltic Birch Coasters for someone who's fanatical about the beach side lifestyle, or a pack of record replica coasters for the a lover of vinyl. These interesting gifts not only protect the recipient's tabletops, but also allow them to show off their unique style.

Nontraditional Bouquets

A bouquet of flowers can brighten someone's day, but they hardly make for a holiday gift. No, no one actually wants poinsettias when they could just go out and buy them at nearly any local store. You can, however, get them something far outside the norm.

Take this salami bouquet from Olympia Provisions for example. It comes with wither three or six sticks of top-of-the-line, gourmet salami wrapped in butcher paper. These include French, Spanish, Italian and Greek style flavors. Wine works just as well with the tops turned down, but takes a little more care in packaging.

One of a Kind Purses

There's nothing quite like a new purse, but it isn't always easy to pick one out for a friend. Tastes might vary, but everyone has an eye for design. The company Mark & Graham create what they call the leather triangle pouch, an unoriginally named mini-purse created to hold the tinier items within larger bags.

These tine gifts are awesome for makeup, earbuds, phones an more to eliminate ever having to dig through a purse again. Plus, you can even get them monogrammed to add a personal touch.

An At Home Spa Day

Gifting a spa treatment is never a bad idea, but you can make that gift personal by giving a home spa kit instead. Consider the Farm Fresh Spa Experience, a delightful array of soothing ingredients. It contains a lavender goat's milk bath tea, cocoa butter bath truffle, shea creme and mint lip balm. Each item is made using natural ingredients from pink Himalayan salt to kaolin clay.

Beach Apartments

Holiday surprises are wonderful, but the best gift of all is having a special place to call home. Take Kapalina Beach Homes for example. nestled at Iroquois Point in West Oahu amidst pristine lagoons and private beaches, this amenity rich resort is the premier destination in island living.

These rental homes and townhouses create the perfect backdrop to enjoy a mix of indoor and outdoor living complete with a world-class beach and community oriented activities. Featuring expansive floor plans, each home comes complete with full sized washers and dryers, ample parking and modern finishes to make even the longest of days feel like a vacation.

Welcome to everyday resort living. Welcome to Kapilina.