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The Kapilina Chili Cook-off

Close up of chili peppers and jalapeños

If you love making chili – or even love eating it for that matter – you’ll definitely want to visit the Kapilina chili cook-off taking place on January 27, 2018 starting at 6 PM. This event is not only exciting, but it’s also something to do in your community if you happen to live in apartments in Ewa Beach because we’re only letting residents of Kapilina participate.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy a chili filled Saturday evening with your family friends living in this great community, you have the unique opportunity to make that happen at the cook-off. Plus, you’ll have a chance to get to know your neighbors better, forge lasting relationships with the great people in this wonderful community, and you can even learn to appreciate their favorite chili dishes and cuisine that you may not have ever tried before.

The cool thing about this event is that you can enter if you have an amazing chili recipe that you want the rest of your community to learn about and try. It only costs $10 to enter the event, and the cook-off is going to be held in the Oahu and Puuloa room, so you won’t have to go very far in order to participate this year.

How Much Does It Cost to Enter the Kapilina Chili Cook-off?

As mentioned, this event is only available for those residents living in Kapilina. If you do not live in this beautiful location, then you will not qualify to enter this amazing cook-off event.

The great thing about entering the chili cook-off is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get involved. In fact, the event participation fee will only cost a mere $10. But there are some excellent monetary prizes that you have an opportunity to win, so if you really think your chili is that amazing, you should definitely enter because you could win some serious cash at this wonderful community cook-off that so many of the residents like to participate in.

What Kind of Prizes Can I Win in the Kapilina Chili Cook-off?

As we just alluded to, residents of Kapilina are also capable of winning prizes when they enter the chili cook-off event. And this makes sense since you are required to pay to enter into the contest.

The interesting thing about the event is they have four different categories, so you have more than one chance of winning a monetary prize. Better yet, they also have a monetary prize for those coming in second place for each category, so there are a total of eight opportunities to win money, which means the odds are definitely going to be in your favor if you have an amazing chili dish that you feel everyone will think tastes absolutely amazing.

Which Categories Can I Enter in the Kapilina Chili Cook-off?

When entering the Kapilina chili cook-off, you’ll have an opportunity to enter your delectable dish into one of four different categories. The main categories in this competition include the following:

Best Traditional/Texas (No Beans)
Best Open Red Chili
Best Bring the Heat (Spicy)
Best Overall “People’s Choice” Award

As mentioned, the prizes are pretty great if you enter into this cook-off and win first or second place in any one of these competitions. All first place winners will win $200 if they have the best chili in their category. Next, all second place winners will win $100 if they have the second best chili in their category.

Clearly, the great people hosting this event aren’t playing around. They definitely want residents of Kapilina to bring their A game because they are offering some serious monetary prizes for those in attendance who are willing to put their favorite chili dish on the line in a cook-off capacity.

How Can I Register for the Kapilina Chili Cook-off?

For those looking to enter into the Kapilina chili cook-off being held on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 6 PM in the Oahu and Puuloa room, you have to remember that you actually need to register in advance and pay a registration fee. Again, the contest really isn’t all that expensive since it’s only going to cost you $10, so remember to register in advance if you definitely plan to enter this contest.

If you live in Kapilina, you also have an opportunity to judge the contest if that’s something you would rather do. So that’s also another option, and you can contact Charlie Bahr via email if that’s something you’re interested in participating in. His email address is So send him an email and let him know about your interest in judging the contest.

The same goes with registering for the chili cook-off event. Just send Charlie an email to the email address mentioned above and let him know that you’re trying to enter the contest. He will provide more information once you send an email and let him know about your interest.

More than likely, you’ll have to pay for the event upfront as well, so be prepared to give your $10 to Charlie one way or another before Saturday at 6 PM.

What Kind of Chili Should I Make for the Kapilina Chili Cook-off?

In all honesty, this is really something for you to decide. Just take a look at the categories that we mentioned above and see if you have a wonderful chili recipe that fits the description.

Remember, there is also a People’s Choice category, so you can basically make any style chili and enter it as this option. You do not have to make a no beans chili, an open red chili or a spicy chili if you prefer to enter something different. In fact, there will be plenty of people entering vegan or vegetarian chili dishes and many more interesting and exciting options for the community to truly savor.


The Kapilina chili cook-off is going to be a wonderful event this year. It’s being held on Saturday, January 27, 2018. The event starts at 6 PM, so don’t be late.