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The Circus New Year's Eve

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There’s no shortage of New Year’s Eve festivities coming up. One, however, seems that it has the potential to be much more of a show-stopper than the standard array of singles parties, ball-drop viewings, and assorted goings on. Near the beach apartments for rent in West Oahu, the Kapilina Beach Homes, a particularly intriguing NYE event is set to occur. The Night At The Circus New Year’s Eve Costume Party fast approaches:

“D’lish at the beach, in association with Kapilina Beach Homes, proudly presents... A Night at the Circus NYE Costume Party! Lets ring in the New Year together with this amazing, vintage circus-themed event.”

So if you want to join in on the fun this year, here’s what you’ll need to know.

The Venue

The party will be happening at D’lish At The Beach. The establishment is well-known for being a cool group gathering spot:

“Have a nice time here and share fascinating sandwiches, bacon and terrific tacos with your friends. Lovely pancakes are served at this restaurant. If you like tasty coffee, don't miss the opportunity to try it.”

It’s a laid-back atmosphere with a great location and beautiful scenery -- the perfect backdrop for a evening out. For the purposes of the NYE party, it’ll be a nice complement for a warm and friendly New Year opener.

The Event

In contrast to more upscale or risque NYE happenings, the Night At The Circus is set to be more of a family affair. As a costume party, it’ll be a fine time for getting dressed up in some creative getups. Costumes aren’t required, of course, but coming with an outfit helps add to the overall atmosphere and will make everything just a bit more fun. The event will also feature a DJ, dancing, live performers, a bar, and tons of great food. Here are some of the particulars.

The live entertainment, as the name suggest, will be circus-themed. That kicks off at 6:00PM, and will be followed up by the kids games and giveaways, which will continue until 8:00PM. The adult/bar area will be separated from the kids’ corner, so those that would prefer to enjoy a drink and relax away from the cacophony of the children’s area are free to do so.

Speaking of the bars, there won’t just be one, but two. The first will be a “dedicated bar,” concentrating solely on signature cocktails, champagne, wine and beer. The second bar will be “be in conjunction with our regular window and will be serving up our usual bar menu alongside the plated dinners.”

When it comes to the food, D’lish will be bringing a wide assortment: there will be 3 food booths. One with carnival type food and drinks, one with carnival snacks and treats, and a “main window” which will be serving up fancier plated dinners and drinks. As an additional note, since this is a D’lish event, there won’t be any opportunity to bring any outside food to the venue.

The food portion of the event lasts from 6:30PM to 8:30PM, after which the DJ will be setting up and taking over at 9:00PM. This will commence the dance session, wherein the floor will be packed by eager, dance-happy guests, backed by pumping beats and hit tunes. This will be the course of the evening, until the clock strikes midnight. At that point, guests will toast to the new year, then prepare to head home. All-in-all, though, a great way to spend a classy, family-friendly New Year’s Eve.

As a final note here, the event requires an RSVP, and only Kapilina residents and their guests are invited. Of course, that means you’ll need to learn a bit more about the fine community this event will be taking place in.

More On The Pristine Beach Apartments For Rent

The Night At The Circus will be taking place near and for Kapilina luxury beach home residents. What, exactly, sets this community apart and makes it one of the finest backdrops for such an amazing NYE spectacular? First off is the setting. Kapilina is located on a section of West Oahu known as Iroquois Point.

This mile-long stretch of beach exudes beauty and natural elegance, and creates the perfect setting for a community centered around superior convenience and comfort. You can catch a view of Diamond head across the ocean, traipse down to D’lish for a quick meal (or, in this case, an entire NYE party), and do so in a manner that perfectly suits to flair of the beachside setting.

Speaking of which, the rental homes here represent the very best of 2, 3, and 4 bedroom floorplans. Each could be described as spacious, with plenty of room to accommodate essentials and plenty of extras packed in that make living here a dream. Full-sized washers and dryers, for instance, mean doing laundry onsite is as simple as walking over to your unit. Combined with the most modern in kitchen and bathrooms, everything within these garden-style rentals is tailored for living large.

The resort-style accommodations don’t just end at the living units. The entire community is filled with amenities that make residing here feel like a vacation. A private marina, for instance, for those who like to feel at one with the ocean waters. All manner of physical activity is at your fingertips as well, from the fitness center to the exercise room, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and beyond. It’s these sorts of details that make the community more of an experience than a mere place to lay your head in the evening.

Beyond all that, though, Kapilina is a pet friendly community, and your four legged (or otherwise) companion is welcome along with you. For dogs, especially, there is plenty to enjoy, including the dog park, which includes agility equipment to do some exercising, and other proud pet owners with which to socialize and commune with.

It all comes together to form the sort of living experience most only dream of. See more of what Kapilina has to offer, then consider it your first choice for island living done right.