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The Best Beaches on Oahu

Aerial shot of an inland view of Oahu's bright blue shores

Many of us have considered a vacation to Hawaii, but have you ever considered living there? Those that have chosen to make the apartments in Ewa Beach their home have access to all of the wonderful beaches this beautiful location has to offer. Considered a one-stop spot for all things Hawaiian, the island is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. So stick an umbrella in your drink and kick your feet up while checking the best beaches in Oahu.

Electric Beach (aka Kahe Point)

This beach earns its name from its location, across the electric plant. However, the name does it no justice. This beach is teeming with tropical fish, and is sure to put a smile on any snorkeler's face. Green sea turtles, spinner dolphins, and moray eels have been here as well. Why? The plant lets out hot water that attracts these various forms of sea life. As far as crowds go, this is a more secluded spot. You won't find the touristy idea of a beach when heading to Kahe Point. Make sure to wear some shoes to avoid cutting your feet on the rocks, and be careful of the strong current. Don't worry, even if you're just an okay swimmer you can handle it. Free parking, showers, toilets, a little shade, the sea life, and seclusion make this spot a perfect daytime getaway.

Makaha Beach

This the local hot spot, minus the tourists. Everyone on the island comes here to set up for the day, do a little fishing, grill their catches, or just sit back and relax in the ocean breeze. This is also the location of the world's first international surf meet, circa 1954, thanks to local legend Buffalo Keaulana. This surf master and his world champion son, Rusty, can be found here on any day as well as the Big Board Surfing classic. If you're into longboarding, this is the spot to be. In the summer time the waves are absolutely perfect, but during the winter months they became too large to catch a good one. There's free parking on the highway, lifeguards, and bathroom amenities. This is easily the most famous beach on the island to those that live here.

Pokai Bay

Not ready for the big waves yet, but still want to hone your surfing skills? Head over to Pokai Bay. The reef creates nice, smaller waves to try out your luck on a surfboard. This is also a fantastic spot for snorkeling, swimming, and just relaxing. The beach itself is entirely sand, so feel free to go barefoot on this one. This is another one with free parking and bathroom amenities. So head on out and test your skills.

White Plains

Think Waikiki, but take out the overly crowded factor. This was one part of the former Barbers Point Naval Air Station until a little while back, and features views of Pearl Harbor as well as Diamond Head. This is a nice, long sloping beach with plenty of wave breaks for surfing. The name comes from the gorgeous white sands here, a sight you have to see for yourself. What this beach has that some others do not is wonderful shade offered by its trees, making for a great place to set up your tent, barbecue, etc. One of the neatest things about this beach is the native monk seal that calls this location its home for several months during the year. It's a rare sight, as seals are uncommon to the islands. Once again, you can take advantage of free parking, as well as lifeguards and bathroom amenities.

Yokohama Beach

This beach is located on the Waianae Coast. In the summer time, the waters are perfect for children. Come early in the morning and you can see the spinner dolphins, or head up the road to Makua Beach for the best spot to see these sea creatures. What's best about this location is that it is entirely beach. That means no stores, homes, condos, etc. Now, you might feel like an outsider here as this is pretty much a local spot, but don't worry. The locals are awesome and friendly. This is a great spot to fish, swim, and get some peace of mind. Lifeguards keep an eye out, bathroom amenities are available, and once again parking is free.


When it comes to having kids, this is easily the best spot on the island. The nearby resort has a series of four man-made lagoons, all of which have public beach access. Huge rock walls offer your little swimmers protection from the waves, while vast areas of seashore grass and hala trees offer shade when nap time approaches. If you're planing a trip here, come early. Once school is out the parking lot fills up like free parking is going out of style. (Obviously it's not, Hawaii boasts an amazing amount of it.) Stay fit with the one and a half mile jogging track when the kids are in school, and make sure to feed the family with the great food options here. This is one of the prime locations to catch the beauty of an Oahu sunset.

Papaoneone Beach

If you need a little solitude, then hunt down this location tucked behind some condos. It's wide, sloping, and incredibly secluded. The waves can get pretty high, much like Makaha, so you can get your surf on. The shore breaks aren't incredibly rough, though, so this is any easy swimming spot for most. Parking is on the street, and this spot lacks amenities other than a shower. Sadly, the bathroom amenities are owned by the condos adjacent to it. However, if you really need to just get away from everyone for a while, this is the place to go.

Apartments in Ewa Beach

If any of the above beaches sound like heaven to you, then there are available apartments in Ewa Beach that put your right in close proximity to them all. If you've ever considered living in Hawaii, then look into the homes at Ewa on Oahu. Your dream can become a reality much easier than you might think.