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Sunset Music Festival

A crowd with arms in air facing the stage at an outdoor music event

Here's the setting—Oahu, one of the most popular and populous of the Hawaiian islands. Home of Honolulu, Waikiki, and Kailua Bay. On the western portion of the island, there's been something of a boom, signified by the burgeoning new resorts and offerings like the luxury rentals in Ewa beach. At the Kaplina Beach Homes, a scenic area near the Barber's Point Golf Course and Hokalei Country Club, there's something even cooler going on, a little-known but certain to be exciting music festival that's starting to cause quite the buzz. Let's step inside this new to-do and see what it's all about.

First Off, What's Ewa Beach?

Known colloquially as simply Ewa, this part of the Ewa District And City & County Of Honolulu. Not quite a city, it's a census-designated place consisting of some 15,000 residents, about a 24-mile drive from Honolulu. Once a plantation, the area now plays home to residences like the Kapilina Beach Apartments, which sit along the scenic portion of Iroquois Point. Ewa Beach played an influential role in the culture of Hawaii throughout much of the 20th Century, so it's no surprise that a music festival would take root in this history-rich part of the state.

So, About That Festival

Dubbed the Sunset Music Festival, the event is taking place on Saturday, November 18th at the Pilikai Beach Park, from 5PM-9PM. According to the official event page, the "golden hour" is offering quite a bit of excitement, provided you're a resident of Kapilina:

Free Admission
Food Trucks & Vendors
The lineup will feature several live acts:

5:25-5:30PM — Emcee by Annette Oasay!
5:30-6:00PM — Studio 808 Dance Project
6:15-7:15PM — Next Level Band
7:30-8:30PM — KAPENA!

Let's breakdown these vibrant personalities that will be gracing the stage, shall we? If you've not heard of Annette Oasay Music before, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the emcee for this grand event. Oasay is a singer, songwriter, musician, promoter, and coach who runs Annette Oasay Music, an entertainment company that handles booking at places like D'Lish On The Beach, Aloun Farms, Makanalani Market, and, of course, the Kapilina Beach Homes. A talented performer in her own right, Oasay has helped to craft this electric lineup and breath life into this amazing new festival.

Kicking off the performance part of the event is Studio 808 Dance Project. You may well have already heard of this studio. The talented cadre of performers is headquartered on Pupupani Street, and dedicated to the art in a deep way:

"The mission of STUDIO 808 DANCEPROJECT llc is to teach and train individuals of all ages the art of dance. The studio will educate, encourage and nurture these students who find dance appealing, fun and a learning experience."

Their skills run the gamut, from Contemporary Dance to R&B and beyond, they've honed their techniques to the razor's edge to excite and delight their audiences to the utmost degree. One look at the coordination and choreography that they put into some of their routines reveals that these are serious practitioners of the craft, and more than capable of showing their expressive nature across multiple styles of dance.

Little is known about the mysterious Next Level Band, but Kapena is a group that needs very little in the way of introductions:

"Kapena, considered to be one of Hawaii’s premier island bands has more than 20 Island Music CD’s to their credit."

That's quite the feat, and while the group has gone through its fair share of changes, they've still got founding member Kelly Boy De Lima leading them as they headline this event and the band, even in its current, evolved incarnation, "continues to be an institution that embraces what islanders fell in love with when fans first heard the unique sound of their electrifying Kapena music."

The group's history is long and storied, stretching back to the mid-1980s. From humble beginnings they rose to prominence, always adapting to the times but keeping the unique spirit that informs their inimitable sound. Through awards and success, they've maintained a freshness, something that was further emphasized when the title of Kapena was passed to the next generation:

"In the early 2000’s, Kelly Boy introduced Hawaii to the next generation of Kapena, his three children—Kapena, Kalena and Lilo. With the next generation came a new, fresh Kapena sound. Kelly Boy’s three children have gained success of their own, writing new original music and being nominated and winning multiple Na Hoku Hanohano awards."

If you've not had a chance to check out their sound yet, you'd do well to check out a few performance videos, which showcase their talent with their instruments and unique ability to express and emote within every aspect of their performances. With a blend of Ukelele, Drums, Keyboard, and Bass, along with impressive vocals from the whole group, they're able to excite like few other groups are capable of.

Their acclaim stretches worldwide, and the band will also be a fixture at NAMM come January 2018. These are true professionals who respect and refine the art of music, and their inclusion on the bill at Sunset Music Festival is a true honor, sure to be a treat for all those in attendance.

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