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Recap of Events in Kapilina

A beach with white sand and aqua water

Beautiful Kapilina, a more beautiful collection of stunning beach homes and amazing community there may never have been. If you’ve had your ear to the ground, then you’ve probably been in the know about all the amazing things that have been going on lately in and around the wondrous Kapilina community.
You see, at Kapilina, there’s a tradition of keeping the community tight with all manner of communal events. The past few months have been no exception, and we’d like to take the time to highlight a few of the goings-on you might have missed so you have an idea of what kind of fun you can expect in the future.

A Look Back Through (Recent) Kapilina History

We’re going to take a short trip back through time and look at some of the highlights of the recent months have brought us.

The Cinco De Mayo Festival

Do you remember Cinco De Mayo? If you’re otherwise unfamiliar, the New York Times has a rather concise write-up that goes over the major details, but, in short:

“Cinco de Mayo, which isn’t widely celebrated in Mexico, commemorates an underdog victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.”

As part of the celebration, those of Mexican-American heritage, and Americans at large, use the holiday as a way to honor said heritage, resulting in fabulous parties, festivals, concerts, etc.

Kapilina, for it’s part, got in on the action by heading over to D’lish at the Beach for a day of authentic Mexican food, live music, dancing, and other assorted festivities.

It was quite the impressive display, and folks got their party groove going in superb style while dancing the night away. As a family-friendly event, even the kids were in on the action, and a good time was had by all in attendance.

Core de Force LIVE

How about when we got fitness-minded and hosted a live workout session in the form of Core de Force? It was rather intense bit of physical activity, hosted by notable fitness coach Leticia Forza and one that showed the power of MMA-style workouts:

Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai — it was all on the menu, and our participants were able to feel the burn, get inspired about working out, and build a greater sense of community around the concept of staying physically fit.

Spring Bling Shopping Expo

Let’s go back a bit further, when we held the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle shopping expo of a lifetime. It was a great chance to grab a gift for Mother’s Day (or yourself) courtesy of a long list of amazing vendors and artisans:

Color Street


Turning Point Chiropractic



Revital U Brew

Pure Romance

Paparazzi of Hawaii (jewelry)


Sealed with a Kiss

Noonday Collection


Young Living Essential Oils

Raychel Gear: Arbonne International


IT Works

Amber Owens Media

Origami Owl

Mary Kay


Thirty-One Gifts


Chloe and Isabel

Naturally, crowds came to the Oahu Room ready and left happy, snagging some unique items that have now earned a special place in someone’s heart.

Kapilina Earth Day Beach Clean-Up

The Earth is of vital importance, no? Without it, we have nothing, so to do our part to keep it safe, we held a special Earth Day cleanup on April 22nd and got to work making sure the beach stays in pristine condition for generations to come.

Residents came out in force to support our efforts. Trash bags and gloves in hand, we met up at D’lish at the Beach and proceeded to cleanse the beach of all that didn’t belong, and, you know what? It felt great giving back to the community and the planet.

Of course, the breakfast and coffee provided some measure of extra incentive for some, but ask any of our volunteers, and they’ll tell you the chance to do some good was all the motivation they needed to get out there and make an impact.

Kapilina Community Yard Sale

Even before the Earth Day Cleanup, we had our minds on Spring cleaning of a sort. Remember the Community Yard Sale? This was a chance to ditch some of that trash that was lounging around in your homes and turn it into someone else’s treasure, while earning a few extra dollars in the process.

The event was open to the public, but only Kapilina residents participated as sellers. On the whole, the event went swimmingly, with a great turn out and plenty of community members able to offload some of their old things and turn a nice chunk of profit.

How Do I Stay on Top of Future Events?

So, you saw how much fun those past events were and want to stay informed on what’s upcoming? Be sure to keep a close eye on the Kapilina Beach Homes Facebook event page, where we post details one what’s on the horizon. You might just learn something.

Memorial Day Beach Bash

Memorial Day is a supposed to be a great time for family, which is why the Memorial Day Beach Bash will be bringing our family together at D’lish for a special day of music, drinks, food, and special activities. Plenty of adult and kid-friendly fun to be had here, and we’re breaking out the water slides from noon until 5:00PM.

Eat The Street

It’s been a good while since the last one, but Eat The Street is coming back with a vengeance and is sure to impress with an impressive array of food truck vendors, cold drinks, and fun diversions for both kids and families.

Kapilina May Be the Pinnacle of Community Beach Homes

You’ll be hard pressed to find a community that’s more friendly and welcoming. At Kapilina, the emphasis is all on living in beachside bliss while ensuring every member of the community feels the love. With the amazing West Oahu setting, the unmatched beauty of the garden-style rentals, and ample amenities available to all, leisure and comfort here are resort like. Add in all the community-centric activities that occur on a regular basis, and you’ve got the recipe for beach living done right.