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Places Chinese New Year Oahu

Close up of various styles of hanging paper lanterns lit up

Chinese New Year is always a great event while living in apartments for rent in Honolulu or other areas of Oahu. It really is a special time of year for many Hawaiians with Chinese background, plus many other ethnic cities also enjoy the exciting festivities that take place in Chinatown and other parts of Honolulu during this special time of year.

For the most part, you can experience Chinese New Year celebrations starting in the middle of January, and many of these celebrations will continue on all the way until the middle of February. Even though it’s not necessarily a month-long party, it is an exciting time anyway because there are always interesting, fun, and wonderful experiences waiting for you just around the bend.

So, if you’re looking for amazing Chinese New Year celebrations in Honolulu and other parts of Oahu Hawaii, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ll tell you about the most exciting celebrations that typically take place during this special time of year, and you can plan accordingly if you want to experience these events in person or possibly just watch them on TV or YouTube.

Experiencing the Sights and Sounds of the Narcissus Queen Pageant

Have you ever wanted to go to a beauty pageant? Well, Honolulu holds one each year and it truly is a spectacular event. You’ll be able to watch the festivities and see the judges pick the queen of the pageant live and in person.

It’s an exhilarating event because you’ll get to see the beautiful contestants wear evening gowns, give a speech, show off their talents, and even undergo a grueling interview with the judges. Winning this pageant on Chinese New Year is no small feat to say the least, and it’s definitely a wonderful honor for the contestants in the competition just to be nominated.

Many of you may be wondering if they have a swimwear competition in this pageant. No, they do not have a swimwear portion of the competition, because the pageant is about much more than the way these women look. It’s about who they are as people, their hopes and dreams, and who they intend to be in the future. So if you’re looking for swimwear models, please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

Again, the pageant is open to the public but it is not free. You will have to pay to get into the venue, so please make the effort to look it up online to find out more about the pertinent details revolving around this exciting event.

Enjoy the Enthusiasm of the Chinese New Year Festival

As we enter into the Year of the Dog, many of the local residents living in Oahu and other parts of Hawaii are beginning to get excited about the new year and all that goes along with it. This is always an excellent time of year for everyone who celebrates Chinese culture, so get ready for a big event, whether you’re Chinese, Hawaiian, a little bit of both, or any other nationality who happens to live in or is visiting the area during this special time.

The best thing about being in Oahu Hawaii during this extraordinary time of year is the Chinese New Year Festival which is completely free to the public. This festival takes place over two weekends on Fridays and Saturdays, and it’s all happening at the Chinatown Cultural Plaza Center in Honolulu.

What’s so exciting about this event? Well, if you love great tasting food then you’re absolutely going to be in the right place because they have plenty of amazing food vendors selling some delectable dishes to those in attendance. If you like to be entertained, you’ll love being here because they have all types of entertainment happening as well during these special weekends to celebrate Chinese New Year. Also, if you like crafts you’re going to really be impressed because they have craft booths spread out throughout the entire festival. You can look at some of the remarkable arts and crafts and buy something if you like it or just appreciate the beautiful artwork.

Have a Blast at the Narcissus Festival and Lion Dances

This exciting festival taking place in Hawaii will begin on a Friday evening at 5 PM and end at 10 PM. The really exciting thing about it is that the Narcissus Queen and her court are going to be in attendance. She is going to visit many of the local businesses, say hello to everyone enjoying the festival, and ultimately having a good time with everyone as she and her court participate in their festively duties.

This festival also kicks off with a traditional lion dance. So if you ever had any desire to see a lion dance in person, we highly recommend going to the Narcissus Festival this year. You are in for an amazing treat and a night that you will never forget. It’s a gorgeous dance as you are about to learn, and you’ll be glad that you’ve had the opportunity to see it for yourself at least once.

Check out the Chinatown Street Festival

Chinese New Year wouldn’t be complete without the Chinatown Street Festival in Honolulu. The great thing about this exhilarating holiday event is that it lasts all day long. The occasion will begin at 10 o’clock in the morning and it will not end until 10 PM in the night. It’s during this event that you’ll be able to see the dragon dancers, lion dancers, and the Narcissus contestants.

Plus, as you can imagine there’s going to be lots of great tasting food, music, dancing, and all sorts of other types of fun. So you do not want to miss this enchanting festival being held in Chinatown in Honolulu. It’s truly a night that you’ll never forget and one you’ll be glad you witnessed yourself.


Chinese New Year is a special time in Oahu, Hawaii. If you’ve ever considered experiencing the thrills and delight for yourself, we highly recommend getting involved this year by going to all of these exciting events.