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Move to Oahu with Kids

People playing in the water at Waikiki Beach, waterfront buildings in view

Whether you intend to live in Kapilina Ewa Beach luxury apartments or anywhere else on Oahu, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time to know what’s in store for you and your kids. The great thing about moving to this beautiful island paradise is that there’s plenty to do for adults and even more interesting and exciting things for kids to experience. So you’ll never run out of fun filled educational ideas and we’re going to help you prepare for this move so you’ll know exactly what to do with your kids as soon as you get here.

Remember, kids love to participate in all sorts of interesting and fun outdoor or indoor recreational activities. And we want you to help them to experience all of the amazing things that Oahu has to offer. Whether you plan to take your kids hiking, swimming, playing sports, and more, there’s definitely going to be some amazing things on the horizon for you and your little ones.

With that said, we will now delve into some of the most exciting things for you to do with your children when you move to Oahu. You’ll be happy to take them to participate in these interesting, fun, and thought-provoking activities that children and parents will absolutely love and adore. But before we do, we’ll now take a closer look at the school system.

The Oahu School System

We’re being totally honest with you today, so we’re going to tell you right now that the Oahu school system really isn’t the greatest according to some people. Public schools here in Oahu and all throughout Hawaii have received many reviews that are far from favorable. But at the same time, it is possible to find schools with a good reputation. As you know, making a blanket statement about an entire school system is unfair. While there might be an outstanding number of unpopular schools in the area, it doesn’t mean that every school has a bad reputation.

Parents, we also want to remind you that your kids will get as much out of school as they are willing to put in. If they aren’t willing to put in too much time to learn and prefer goofing around and slacking off, then their experience in school isn’t going to be that great. The teachers will do their best to keep their students on the right path, but it’s up to you as parents to also make sure your children are doing everything they can to get a quality education.

You do have the option to send your children to expensive private schools. There are some excellent private schools on Oahu. It doesn’t mean your child is going to get a phenomenal education if they aren’t willing to put in the time, effort, and energy to succeed. That’s where you come in as parents to make sure your children are working hard to get the great education they deserve.

Taking Advantage of Museums, Learning Centers, Zoos, and Other Children Related Activities on Oahu

You want your kids to be able to take advantage of the best, most interesting things to do on Oahu. It is possible for them to learn and have fun at the same time, and we’re about to share a bunch of places for you to go with your children. They are as follows:

The Dole Plantation is an especially appealing option for kids. Believe it or not, they really enjoy and appreciate going to the plantation because they get to run around through the giant maze, which is a whole lot of fun, and they also get to take the train ride. Every kid seems to love trains, so this is definitely an excellent option and one that you’ll appreciate as a parent.

While you’re at it, you can head over to Honolulu to take advantage of free Dole Cannery Regal Cinemas summer movies. All summer long, starting at 10 AM, this cinema plays free movies for the kids. Obviously your kids are going to love watching fun and popular cartoon movies and other educational theatrical presentations with kids their age. Plus it’s free, so you’ll appreciate the ability to take your children to this amazing theater without having to spend a small fortune to pay for the movie experience.

Another excellent place to take your kids is called Sea Life Park. It’s very similar to Sea World in many ways, but it’s definitely not the same park and it’s run by different people. But it’s certainly going to be a whole lot of fun for the kids. It’s set up for the kids to play and have a good time. They host birthday parties here, there are plenty of beautiful fish to look at, and they even put on a fun and exciting dolphin show that kids and parents all seem to really enjoy.

Other places to visit include the Honolulu Academy of Arts, Leapin’ Lizards, Gymboree play & musical classes, Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, He’ela Pier glass bottom boat, and much more.

Oahu Outdoor Recreational Activities for Kids

Besides the many great options we’ve already shared with you, there are also a number of excellent outdoor activities and recreational options that your kids will certainly appreciate and enjoy. We want you to provide your kids was an amazing experience as they live in Oahu, so please consider the options we’re going to share with you below.

First, we have the Ala Moana Beach Park. This is a fun park that has many shady trees to sit under if you’d like to go on a picnic. There’s a beach with a kid friendly lagoon and even a man-made shore break. This is fun for the whole family.

Backyard Oahu is also a great place to go if you like hiking and backpacking the many wonderful trails in the area. You’ll find valuable information about the mountains and valleys and other incredible hiking opportunities to experience as a family.


Please use the guidance we’ve shared to prepare to move to Oahu with your kids. They’re going to love living in this beautiful paradise and you’ll have lots of fun with them if you try out the many suggestions we’ve shared with you today.