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Mai Tais & Monet Painting

A close up of a painter holding a palette and painting a tree

While looking for beach apartments for rent, one of the main draws is to move into a community like Kapilina Beach because of the luxury and convenience they provide to their residents. You see, living a luxurious life is easy in the right setting. You get to participate in fun activities, go swimming, play sports, and enjoy outdoor barbecues with friends and neighbors, and other exciting opportunities.

Guess what? In Ewa Beach you also have the opportunity to participate in a fun and exciting event known as the Monthly Mai Tai and Monet Painting event held at Kapilina Beach.

What is this event all about? Well, it should seem pretty self-explanatory. You get to spend the day drinking Mai Tais while painting like Monet. No one is expecting you to be a brilliant artist at this event. But they are expecting you to have an open mind and be ready to have a lot of fun with your neighbors and other members of your community.

To help you better understand the specifics of this event, we will tell you more about the Monthly Mai Tai & Monet painting event held at Kapilina Beach.

What You Can Expect from the Mai Tais and Monet Painting Event

This event is very exciting for anyone who ever wanted to attempt to paint, but never had the opportunity to do so. Sure, you can go out and buy brushes, paints, an easel and canvas, and make a go of it on your own. But let’s face it. Most people aren’t going to do that unless they are extremely motivated.

On the other hand, if somebody makes it very easy for you to paint and put your brush to canvas, you may well jump on the opportunity if it’s easily presented to you. That’s where the Mai Tais and Monet painting event comes in very handy for first time painters and amateurs that would just like to get their brush wet for the very first time.

More important than anything else, this event is going to provide a memorable experience for the participants that they’ll never forget. Not only will they get the guidance, help, and step-by-step instructions needed to create a masterpiece on canvas, they are also going to be able to do it in a group of friends and neighbors as they enjoy sipping Mai Tais and other fun alcoholic beverages.

The best part about this event is the company that hosts it is going to bring all the supplies for you. They already have all of the painting supplies ready to bring to your event as soon as you contact them and schedule a party. At Kapilina Beach, we already have a long-standing monthly reservation, so all of the specific details are taken care of well in advance so it’s nothing that any of you have to worry about.

The only thing you have to worry about is getting there on time, showing up ready to enjoy a couple of drinks, and be prepared to paint like you’ve never painted a gorgeous Monet picture before. It’s truly amazing and you’re going to be surprised how impressed you are with your work, the work of the other people participating in the event, and you’ll love how much you have all had such a good time together.

What Makes the Mai Tai & Monet Painting Event so Special?

The reason why this event is particularly special is that you have an opportunity to paint with people that are close to you. So you’ll have a chance to get together with your friends, neighbors, family members, and other members of your close-knit community. You’ll have the ability to share this experience with one another, which really makes it extra special, fun, and definitely exciting for everyone in attendance.

Think about it… How often will you have an opportunity to paint just like Monet? Not often if you are like most people. But even more important… How often will you get to paint like Monet with your friends, neighbors, and family members? The odds of that happening are slim to none in most cases. But with this exciting event you get to do all of this and more and really have a great time with people you care about.

Important Information about the Monthly Mai Tai and Monet Painting Event

Lastly, many of you may have questions about this particular paint party. So we’re going to do our best to answer some of them for you below.

As an example, you might be wondering “Do I need to know how to paint?” The answer is an emphatic no. You will be given step-by-step instructions from skilled artists during the event. They will teach you everything you need to know to paint like Monet at this exciting party.

Another example question is, “How long do these parties last?” The simple answer is that these parties will typically last from 2 to 3 hours. They typically do not go over that timeframe. So remember to set aside this amount of time during the Monthly Mai Tai and Monet Painting event to make sure you are available for the fun.

Finally, you may be wondering, “What do I need to bring to the party?” The party hosts are responsible for bringing the food and alcohol. The event coordinator will provide all of the paint supplies and the artists. So, if you’d like to have a few drinks, remember to bring the booze. Otherwise just bring snacks and drinks for all to enjoy.

Learning to Paint Has Never Been More Exciting at Beach Apartments for Rent

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