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Kapilina Car Show

Close up of a silver Audi's grill

It’s events like these that help make the apartments for rent in Honolulu well worth the experience. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, though, let’s start explaining what we’re talking about, Kapilina Beach Home’s celebration of fine looking automobiles of all stripes:

“Join us for this awesome Car Show on Saturday, March 16th from 11:00AM to 3:00PM. Co-hosting with EuroSunday Honolulu and other local car clubs. Check out some beautiful rides, delicious food vendors, specialty car vendors, and fun entertainment for all ages!”

It’ll be fun under the sun and more great looking cars than you can shake a stick at. Are you ready to experience this testament to masterful European craftsmanship right near the beautiful Hawaiian waters? Then keep reading, as we give you all the information you’ll need to know beforehand.

First Up: The Where & When

As we mentioned at the onset, the Kapilina Car Show will be taking place on Saturday, March 16th, starting at 11:00 in the morning and ending at 3:00 in the afternoon. The location, specifically, will be the Beach Park (which, if you’re already living at Kapilina, shouldn’t be too difficult to locate). It’s a pretty good spot for a car show, we might add, with plenty of open space to get a good look at the vehicles on display. This event, by the way, is open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend and have a great time checking out all the hot rides in their full splendor.

What’s the Car Show All About?

Now to get into the nitty gritty. You probably already grasp the general details of what a car show is about. Fancy cars are there for you to view, and view them you shall. What’s interesting about the Kapilina Car Show, however, is the theme. It’s being put on in conjunction with EuroSunday, which means there will be a decidedly European flair to the vehicles you’ll see on display come March 16th:

“EuroSunday has been hosting informal monthly Cars & Coffee events across the country. While we are centered around the European marques, we enjoy and welcome any cool and interesting car or morotorcyle. We don’t cater or focus on any specific manufacturer and enjoy everything from Audi’s to Zundaps!”

Just what are some of the brands you’ll be able to spot once the car show rolls around? As it so happens, we have a list featuring a few prominent manufacturers right here:

  • Alfa Romeo — This Italian luxury brand was actually founded by a Frenchman, Alexandre Darracq, in 1910. They’re well-known for their sporty style and their pedigree in the world of automobile racing cannot be overlooked. You may well have seen one of their most iconic models, The Spider, featured as the car of your dreams, and who knows, you might get to spy one at the car show too.
  • BMW — BMWs are hardly an uncommon sight, but the German automaker has a significant history beyond making cars for the everyday, and are steeped in European auto racing in more facets than one. They also have a reputation for so-called “art cars” which are masterpieces based on their impressive paint work alone.
  • Mercedes — Mercedes has more to offer than the run-of-the-mill Benz, which you’d probably already know if you’re a die-hard auto aficionado. When it comes to impressive amounts of luxury in vehicle form, few can do it like Mercedes.
  • Audi — Bet you didn’t know Audi was part of the Volkswagen group, did you? Even if you were already aware of that not-so-common historical fact, you’ll still be wowed by some of the slick Audi models you’ll see at the car show, and Audi has always put slick design at the forefront of their automobile production strategy.
  • Fiat — Another Italian brand with a long history. Fiat can trace their roots all the way back to 1899, making them one of the true originals in the car-making game. Nearly 120 years in business is a long time to come up with some slick looking cars, of which Fiat has plenty to show off.
  • Volvo — The sole Swedish manufacturer on the list, and they’ve got a long track record for making utility/safety-focused cars for consumers to enjoy. “Cars are driven by people,” co-founder Assar Gabrielsson once famously said. You’ll find that appreciation for the human element in each of the models you see at the car show.
  • Volkswagen — Creators of the iconic “Bug,” VW has plenty more models it can point to as “claims to fame.” from the Type 2 vans to those classy cabriolets, Volkswagen’s lineup is both long and impressive.
  • Porsche — We could just talk about the legendary Boxter and 911 and call it a day, but Porsche has a track record that includes so much more than these two iconic vehicles. You’ll be able to see for yourself once you make it down to the car show.
  • Ferrari — There’s not a car nut alive who doesn’t know the name Ferrari. The Italian automaker will forever be enshrined in the annals of automobile history, and for good reason. They’ve built some of the world’s most iconic sports cars, and the customizations owners have outfitted them with have made these models even more desirable.

Additionally, Honolulu’s very own Big Kid’s Candy Shop will be taking part in the car show festivities, so if you’ve got a mind for some detailing or vehicle customizations, you’d do well to ask them about it and get a head start on upgrading your ride in flawless fashion.

There’s Even More Fun to Be Had at the Apartments for Rent in Honolulu

When you’re living in communities as lovely as Kapilina, every morning holds the promise of something new and exciting to enjoy. Back that up with the pristine beach homes and laid-back Honolulu way of life, you’ve got a recipe for a great time — every day. Come see what the majesty of the Kapilina Beach Homes is all about, and make your beach living fantasies a new reality.