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IPPS Halloween Carnival 2019

A group of children in Halloween costumes trick or treating with parents

Halloween fun isn’t restricted to the mainland. The military house rentals on Oahu are going to be in close proximity to some serious Halloween excitement in the form of the Iroquois Point Preschool Halloween Carnival. Now, before you go thinking that a Halloween party held at a local preschool can’t have its share of frights or fun, check out the description straight from the event’s Facebook page:

“Bring your friends, family, and neighbors, for some fun-filled fall festivities including games, music, food vendors, business and craft vendors, interactives, face painting and so much more! Check out the awesome silent auction featuring items from numerous, well-known companies throughout our island.”

Now, most of that stuff is pretty self-explanatory, and you should be able to navigate the excitement at the Halloween Carnival with little trouble. On that last point, though, the silent auction, we think you might benefit from a few tips that will help maximize the excitement. Auctions have rules, as you no doubt knew, and it’s important that you understand them so you can have a blast.

Raising Money for a Good Cause

As most silent auctions do, the IPPS Halloween Carnival auction is designed to help do some fundraising for a worthy goal. In this particular case, that “worthy goal” is the proper functioning of preschool education itself, as proceeds from the silent auction are going towards helping Iroquois Point Preschool “foster a lifelong love for learning within each and every one of our students.”

Now, for a typical silent auction, participants would write their bids for items on a sheet of paper, then at the end, the individual with the highest bid for an item would be the “winner” and walk home with their prize. For the IPPS silent auction, however, you have the option of going online to check out the items and place your bids simultaneously.

Head to the IPPS Halloween Carnival auction page, and you’ll get a view at over one hundred items that they’re auctioning off, including various artworks, experiences, and more. There’s plenty to go around, and enough to satisfy your interests regardless of your specific preferences. Be sure to get a good look at it all before placing your bids.

And don’t forget to head to the Carnival come October 19th. It’ll be running from 4:00PM to 9:00PM, so there will be plenty of time to show up and have a blast. This is a family-friendly affair, so bring the young ones, and ensure everyone has a great time.

All Near the Military House Rentals in Oahu

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