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IPES Family Fun Night!

IPES Family Fun Night!

Iroquois Point Elementary School will be holding their annual Family Fun Night on October 6, 2017. IPES has been helping children learn and expand their minds since 1960. IPES has always been an active member of the community.

They face unique challenges, as many of their students are from military families. These families often move more often than the rest of the community. This is a challenge for the child, parent, and school faculty. In order to keep the children learning at a pace that fits in with the educational system, we offer as much personal attention as possible.

Events like Family Fun Night help us fund the extra programs we may have to create to meet the need of the children. It also helps to welcome new people to our beautiful facility.

Family Fun Night is a fair atmosphere. There will be games, bounce houses, food vendors and food trucks. The Lego Movie will be shown. This annual event is important to the community and everyone is urged to attend.

Are you new to the area?

If you are new to the area, we wish to welcome you. We are all neighbors and friends. The ever-changing face of the community sometimes makes it difficult to know where to begin. Iroquois Point is only 2.5 miles from Ewa Beach. The most popular place to seek luxury homes and townhouses is Kapilina Beach Homes. The Kapilina Beach Homes were built to allow people to live in this island paradise in absolute comfort, for however long they will be here.

Ewa Beach is an example of people returning the land to nature. For many years Ewa Beach was under-developed. It was the site of many of Hawaii’s huge plantation systems which are a primary resource of income for the people of the region. Unfortunately, this left a scar on the face of what was to be a paradise.

As the developers restored beaches to their natural state, more and more people came looking for apartments to rent in Honolulu. Our local community is accustomed to military families and the area is military friendly. While it is not always the case, military families may have to move more often than other families. This is one reason why we hold this community event. We know the challenges you will face as you embrace this new home. We want to help you feel at home.


Kapilina Homes are located near Kapolei. You have easy access to the city and to the beach. Even in Hawaii, finding that combination is difficult. There are huge shopping areas, malls, and boutiques nearby. You have access to museums, parks, theaters, and a thriving nightlife. But at the end of the day, you come back to your oasis.

What it takes to be a luxury apartment in Hawaii

Hawaii is luxury. From the moment you step off the plane until you depart, you are surrounded by luxury. Tourism is huge in Hawaii. This set the bar at a high standard in order to maintain the luxury status.

Kapilina Apartments have a perfect view of the sea. There is plenty of wide open spaces for children to play and it is a safe community. The homes have all the modern conveniences you can imagine. This includes:

Secluded Beach
Swimming Pool
Kid's Water Park
State of the art Fitness Center & Exercise Room
Trails for walking, running, or hiking
Volleyball Courts
Basketball Courts
6 Playgrounds
Party Pavilions
Picnic areas
Private marina
NEX with fuel on-sight (for military residents)
Dog park
Daycare center and preschool facility

The homes are spacious and meticulously designed. They are available with two, three, or four bedrooms. The two bedroom floorplan includes 1.5 bathrooms and the three and four bedroom floorplans each offer 2 bathrooms. The area is safe, but for your added comfort, this is a gated community. There is virtually no crime rating in Kapilina.

Kapilina Homes - The Community

Ewa Beach is a smaller community in comparison to other residential areas on the islands. There are roughly 15,000 people that live in the area. Growth in the area is concentrated on quality versus quantity.

The white beaches and watersports are popular attractions to residents of Kapilina Homes and there are some very nice golf courses to enjoy. There is a water park nearby for the children. Of course, there is easy access to medical facilities if they are needed. Almost everything is within walking distance.

You will find, many of the local residents have come from generations of their families that worked and lived on Ewa beach. They will gladly tell you about the old Ewa Beach. The railroad on the island which was used by the plantations is still in operation today. You can ride the railroad right along the shoreline. You will get a feel of the ancestry attached to this location.


Of course, we have told you about Iroquois Park Elementary School and there are other great schools in the district. But, what is really impressive is that 9 of the schools in Hawaii, including IPAS, ranked near the top of the chart for their public and private educational facilities.


Any area where tourism is heavy is going to have a variety of places to dine. Of Course, when you come to Hawaii, you want Hawaiian food. Since this the real deal, the traditional Hawaiian dishes will be unlike what you would get in most restaurants in the States. However, the influence of Asian queen. Is evident. There are a lot of Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Tahitian and Portuguese foods. But even in the Hawaiian foods, you will taste a hint of Japanese flavors.

The IPES Family Fun Night is a great way to meet the people in the community while you support education for your and all children. We trust you will enjoy living in your luxurious Kapilina home. You will find that our community calendar is normally a busy one, year-round. There is always something going on. We are one here. We work as one community and we play as one community. Please join us.