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Hawaiian Interior Design Idea

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If you’ve got a spot at the apartments in Ewa Beach, you’re already living pretty well. Nestled among the picturesque scenery of this small slice of the Hawaiian Isles, you can enjoy the views looking out toward the water, relax upon the sandy shores, and, in general, take it easy.

What if you’ve got a hankering to do some interior decorating to enhance what’s already an amazing experience? Your options abound, but, if we may, why not try something a bit more Hawaiian? Adding some island flair to your living space might be just what you need, and today, we’re going to cover some trendy design ideas you might just want to incorporate.

Your Overall Design Theme

Being that you’re in an island paradise, the perfect decor to match will need to be modern and tropical. InStyle has an interesting take on what they call the Hawaiian design trend:

“The trend embraces beachy hues and natural textures (like island-friendly linen and coconut shells) while leaving plenty of room for winking, kitchy fun (like a hula dancer table lamp). From carved cups to an artful handcrafted surfboard, we love the endless summer feeling of surfer-chic home decor.”

Other design pros, however, like Decoist, warn not to get too campy or overcrowded in your pursuit of the island look. You should be focusing most on “clean lines, fresh palettes, and lots of greenery,” they state, and, overall, incorporate a “less-is-more” theme into your approach. You want your space to appear natural and not forced, after all, and for that, subtlety is key.

How To Achieve Your Look

So, how should you go about achieving the modern Hawaii-chic you want to embrace? There’s an abundance of approaches available to you, but we’ll focus on a few specific techniques you might try employing to transform your living space into a the tropical dream home you’re envisioning.

First, you might try playing around with your color palette. For example, you can build cohesion by going with a unified color scheme that matches with the fun idea of an island setting. light greens or bright blues, complemented by fun pinks, reds, and oranges to represent flowers. In fact, for an island color scheme, light and bright colors work best, as they play up the natural cheeriness of the environment, setting you up perfectly to add some interesting contrasts.

Those contrasts, while we’re on the topic, can be supplied by your furniture and decorative items, and should be dark browns or blacks to accentuate the effect. Just think, some deep-stained woods or metals, standing firm against a sea of blue or yellow -- the imagery would be stark, and just what you need to reinforce the contrasting theme.

Which isn’t to say that they’re a necessity. You could just as easily go with lightly-colored woods or upholstery to achieve a softer effect. As long as your base colors remain bright, you’re still well within the ballpark for your island feel, and the inclusion of lighter colors will bring a kind of calming, feminine energy that you can benefit from (if you so choose).

Speaking of upholsteries, though, these also serve as a great opportunity to incorporate another kind of island touch -- fun patterns. You can go on the nose, employing flower prints, fern embroideries, and other kinds of direct representation of island flora, or try something more low-key to fit with that theme of subtlety. Abstract patterns work well here, and, combined with a hint of texture, go a long way in adding some modernistic zest to your rooms.

You’ll want to find other ways to add textures throughout your home, as they are another key to completing your Hawaiian decor. The idea here is to bring some of the feeling of nature into your home. Stone, wood, and grass are the main elements to focus on, and you can weave these into to countertops, furniture, doors, and the like. Augment the addition of nature by including a few tropical plants into the home that will cement the fact that your interior and the exterior are one.

And what of furniture? We’ve already remarked on the kinds of colors you could use, but what styles should you lean upon to complete your look? There are two forks on this path that you can choose. Either go rustic and traditional with wood furniture, or high-end and modern with plastic and metals. Whatever you choose should fit into your overall design theme, and you can create either an antique or progressive view of Hawaii with your decision -- it’s all up to you.

Don’t forget your minor touches around the home. We already talked about potted plants, but your array of displays doesn’t have to stop there. Try incorporating rocks, candles, paintings, prints, mirrors, and more that will add a sense of peace and relaxation to your accents. Just be sure to take it easy on the shells -- they’re a bit overdone, and you want to make sure your space is an innovator rather than a mere imitator.

One exception to that rule, though, is in creating entryways for rooms without doors. A shell-style curtain is still fair game, as are curtains with grass, beads, and other decorative items. Cap everything off with a ethereal bedroom space that takes its cues from all the tips we mentioned before, and you’ll have completed your Hawaiian-style home with unparalleled style.

Finding Inspiration

We’ve covered a lot, but if you need some additional creative nudging, be sure to check out the wide variety of Hawaiian decor over on Pinterest. Adding just a few of these ideas to your living space will start the transformation process, and working them in with the tips we provided will help enable your complete metamorphosis into a trendy tropical wonderland.

Apartments In Ewa Beach Are A Good Start

Of course, adding all these Hawaiian touches is a bit easier when your starting point is perfectly tailored for superior beach living. For that, check out the Kapilina Beach Homes, then marvel at the amazing backdrop against which this fine community is set.