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Farmers Market at Kapilina

A family filling a paper bag with golden beats and other veggies at the farmers market

Living in Kapilina Honolulu apartments for rent are a dream come true for many people. As a resident here, you get to live a luxurious life and truly take advantage of all the finer things that this world has to offer. Guess what? You even have a chance to get fresh produce and other healthy goods right on the premises. Isn’t that amazing?
Who ever thought it would be so convenient to live in Ewa Beach? It’s just one of the many wonderful things about living in such an exciting community like this one. This farmers market is extra special because it’s a community minded program that really attempts to help people lead happier and healthier lives.

Most farmers markets are fine. They hold court once a week and sell their fresh organic goods, baked goods and other tasty treats. But not every farmers market is going to be as dedicated as the good people at Mihuka Farmers Market, which is the name of the organization running the weekly events on Wednesdays from 4 PM to 8 PM. They really care about their customers, the community, and take this responsibility seriously.

To help you better understand the Weekly Farmers Market at Kapilina, we’d like to tell you more about this weekly event and share more with you so you can better understand exactly what to expect.

What You Can Expect from the Weekly Farmers Market at Kapilina

Some of us would love to believe that all farmers markets are created equally. But that just isn’t the truth because some of these markets are going to offer different fruits and vegetables, different baked goods, and a totally different atmosphere as well. So you never know what you’re going to get from one farmers market to the next. That’s why you may want to find out about your specific farmers market before visiting if you’re curious.

As far as the weekly Kapilina Farmers Market is concerned, there are certain things that you can always expect from this event. The most important things to know include the following:

  • all of the food products come from local artisans, food purveyors, growers, and farmers

  • this farmers market works hard to connect country life with local farms

  • customers can actually talk to the farmers who grow their food and ask them questions to help alleviate their concerns

  • small family farms experience support from farmers markets because consumers buy directly from small family farms and farmers markets

  • sell directly to consumers, so it’s a match made in heaven

  • meet up with your friends and neighbors in a laid-back, open air market atmosphere

  • take advantage of the opportunity to become a craftsperson or grower and earn an income at the Kapilina farmers market

  • pick up high quality produce and other farm fresh products as well as local crafts in one convenient location right in your own backyard

  • this farmers market will also help to strengthen ties with the community, which is certainly a goal many of us have

As you can see, the farmers market in Kapilina definitely makes it possible to not only get great tasting fresh produce and other organic goods, but it helps you become an active member of the community, a supporter of local businesses, and a good friend and neighbor all at the same time. So realize the value of these farmers markets and make sure you attend for all of the reasons mentioned above.

What Can I Buy at the Local Kapilina’s Farmers Market?

When you make plans to visit a farmers market, you have to realize that it’s possible to purchase more than organic fruits and vegetables. In fact, these markets have a wide range of incredible foodstuffs to purchase on a regular basis. And if you’re into fresh flowers and locally grown vegetables and plants, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

At the farmers market in Kapilina, you’ll have a chance to buy local fruits and vegetables, local plants and flowers, flower arrangements, orchid plants, smoked meat, BBQ meat with teriyaki sauces, hotdogs, chicken barbecue, Brazilian style meats, sweetbread, cookies, fish and other types of barbecued seafood, salad dressings, jams and cookies, banana pastry, seasonings and flavorings, coffee, kettle corn, pineapple sauce, mango sauce, papaya sauce, Hawaiian honey, American Indian food, and there’s even a massage therapist on hand, a nail wash business, and there’s also a company selling solar energy.

You can probably tell that this is not your traditional farmers market by any means. That’s why you should never guess or assume that you know what’s going to happen at a weekly event like this. In Kapilina, there are so many amazing vendors in attendance week by week that it’s hard to keep up with them all. But you’re in good hands at this astonishing farmers market and you’ll definitely have no trouble finding the goods and services to best meet your needs.

How Many Vendors Will Be in Attendance Each Week at the Kapilina Farmers Market?

As you can imagine, the attendee list is going to vary from week to week because some vendors are going to have to skip a week here and there. But for the most part, you can expect to visit as many as 40 vendors every Wednesday at the Kapilina farmers market.

These great vendors are selling everything from the finest locally grown produce, prepared foods, flowers, crafts, and so much more. There’s definitely something for everyone at the farmers market at Kapilina, so we highly recommend stopping by for a visit to pick up some great tasting and healthy food and more.

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