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Eat The Street Hawaii 2019

A couple sampling food at a food cart

There are a few things that residents of the Honolulu apartment rentals get excited for on a regular basis. One of them, when it comes to celebrating delicious cuisine, is Eat The Street, the outstanding monthly showcase of superb food truck offerings:

“Eat The Street Hawaii is Honolulu’s monthly food truck rally brought to you by Street Grindz. Featuring over 40 of Hawaii’s favorite food trucks and street vendors, live music, entertainment and fun for the whole family right in the heart of Honolulu.”

As it so happens, Eat The Street is coming back to Kapilina this June, and in advance of this momentous occasion, we’re going to be filling you in on all the details you’ll need to go out and have a blast.

What Is Eat The Street?

As we mentioned above, Eat The Street is a gathering of food trucks that occurs around Honolulu and organized by Street Grindz. The very first Eat The Street kicked off all the way back in 2011, and thanks to its initial success (there was a turnout of well over 1,500 individuals, with plenty of vendor trucks selling out their stocks), the event has continued to grow in size and scope.

They next moved the event to the 555 South Street lot in Kaka’ako, which served as Eat The Street’s home until 2015, when they moved to their now-current location, the Kaka’ako Park on Ana Moana Boulevard, where Eat The Street is hosted on the last Friday of every month. They aren’t bound to the Park location, however, as they’ve been known to hold special editions of this fan favorite event in other areas around Honolulu, including Mililani, and, of course, Kapilina.

Details on Eat The Street @ Kapilina

This year, Eat The Street @ Kapilina will be taking place Saturday, June 22nd on Ewa Beach, ETS’ “favorite beach side event location.” There will be big crowds, entertainment for the kids, and of course, fabulous food trucks to score a great meal from. Now, while the precise trucks for ETS Kapilina haven’t been announced yet, we can take a look at recent ETS events to get an idea of what food trucks might be out there.

ETS Japan, for instance, back on March 28th, featured food trucks like Hula Shrimp, the well-respected Honolulu seafood vendors. They’ve built their names on serving up delicious shrimp dishes, with their garlic shrimp being some of the best you’ll have the pleasure of tasting.

Other vendors included The Girls Who Bake Nextdoor, the dessert and pastry experts who set up shop on Iolani Avenue. It’s hard to go wrong with pretty much anything they’re serving up, though if you’ve a penchant for cupcakes, you’ll be pleased to learn these are some of the most delectable ones you’ll be able to track down in Honolulu.

The list of past vendors continues as such, and Eat The Street events regularly bring more than 40 of Honolulu’s finest out in attendance (in addition to the impressive live entertainment and music they manage to muster on the regular). You might recall from earlier that we mentioned that first ETS event all those years ago brought in a whopping 1,500 people in attendance. Nowadays, those crowds regularly surge over 7,000 individuals, so if you were wondering if ETS is popular and well-liked, we think that little fact should serve to answer your question.

Even with all this, though, you might be wondering if Eat The Street is worth your time, and to that question, outlets like Hawaii News answer with a resounding “yes.” Summed up, the verdict is that this is a foodie’s dream come true, and an event you should definitely consider attending if you’ve got even half a mind to head outside and have some fun on the weekend. Now, before you start making plans, be sure to keep reading to learn how you can keep up with all the pertinent ETS news (and whet your appetite by keeping tabs on their rather impressive social media accounts).

Keeping Up With Eat The Street

Like any well-organized event, Eat The Street makes it easy to stay abreast of what they’re up to via social media:

  • Twitter — @eatthestreethi
  • Instagram — @eatthestreet
  • Facebook —

You’ll most assuredly get some great looks at the delightful treats those food trucks are serving up, but in addition to being able to gawk at the tempting food photos, you’ll also get a read on other cool events that will be happening all across Oahu. Stuff like the Family Dance Party, Oktoberfest, and the like. If you’re the type who likes to be out in the community having a great time, then you have all the reason you need to stay on top of ETS and their affiliates, as this will give you the lowdown on all sorts of great happenings in the area.

And if you’re getting your food service career off the ground and you’ve ever thought about trying your hand as a vendor, you’ll definitely want to check out what it takes to become one for Street Grindz. In addition to being able to learn about great events to connect with the community at, the organization provides all kinds of training and additional services to help you reach the pinnacle of your craft. It’s all about enhancing the food scene on Oahu, and they’ve help foster and support the mobile food service community like few others have been able to on the island.

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