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Community Yard Sale

Community Yard Sale

Yard sale time is upon us. Like many other apartments for rent in Honolulu, Kapilina is taking the opportunity to give the community the chance to offload their extra possessions. On September 29th, you’ll be able to take that trash and make it another’s treasure at the Kapilina Community Yard Sale, and in the interest of making sure everyone has a fulfilling morning, we’re going to offer up some tips and ideas to help you make the most of this potentially profitable venture.

Taking Yard Sales to the Next Level

We’ll start with the basics. Much of the advice you’ll see scattered about the web will begin with very important tips focused on ensuring that as many people will attend the yard sale as possible. Factors like selecting the right day, gathering authorizations for holding the sale, etc., all play a large role in how big a crowd a yard sale will draw. In this particular instance, all the top-level decisions (like deciding the timing of the event) have already been taken of, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to help boost attendance at the event — you can still aid the cause through word of mouth.

Everyone, even those who aren’t residents at Kapilina, is invited to come to the Community Yard Sale to purchase whatever’s out there. You can help ensure there’s a great turnout by spreading the word via social media. Remember: the more people who show, the more items you can get rid of and the better the chances everyone has of turning a profit on the sale. If you tell a few friends, who tell a few more, the likelihood of great attendance only increases.

Beyond spreading the word, though, there’s plenty of prep work you can do to help ensure that everything goes well. Ellen Foord of DIY Network estimates that 90% of the success of a yard sale comes down to preparation, and you can begin by getting a good number of items together for the sale. It might seem like an intimidating process at first, but handle this step methodically and you’ll secure success. Simply go room by room through your home, making a list of what you don’t need as you go. From your list, determine which items would fetch a fair price if you sold them, which would work best if you donated them to those in need, and which would be better off as recycling.

With your items sorted and organized, you’ll need to gather supplies for the sale before the big day. At minimum, you’ll need a table to display some of your smaller items (and to make your transactions), along with a chair to sit on after long periods standing. Remember, your secondary goal for the yard sale is to make money, so don’t waste money buying a table/chairs — just repurpose what you have in your home and you should be golden. No table, for instance? Just stack a board on some crates and you can achieve the same effect.

Don’t forget that there will be plenty of cash transactions going on at the yard sale, so you’ll also need some change to hand out in case a customer hands you a big bill or two. Load up on ones, fives, tens, and coins so that you can provide quick and speedy service to all who grace your humble display (nothing will slow down a promising sale faster than having to go hunt for small bills in the middle of a transaction).

As for pricing your goods, you’ll have to pick one of two strategies. The first is setting all your prices ahead of time and clearly marking your items so that potential customers know up front what they’ll be paying. This is a straightforward way of going about things, and ensures that you won’t chase away business from people too shy to ask about what something costs, but on the flip side, you might deter one of the more thrilling aspects of the yard sale: haggling for prices.

This is where the second strategy would come into play. Instead of marking your sale items with prices, you can just keep a loose idea of what you want for each item and play “price as you go” with prospective customers. When they ask “how much?” name your price and see if you two can negotiate a deal that satisfies both parties. You might end up making more per item that way, but could scare off any introverts who aren’t particularly interested in a bargaining match.

Either way, you’ll want to set up your yard sale display to look as inviting as possible, and when people do come your way, make sure you turn on the charm to make those sales. For many, a yard sale is all about the interaction, so it falls on you to make this as positive as you can to encourage customers to buy. Put on a smile, strike up a conversation, and entice them to consider making a purchase as best you can.

The final thing to note will be the cleanup process. Unless you’re some kind of super-salesman, you’re probably going to have some items leftover after the yard sale is concluded. Since these are all items you wanted to discard anyway, consider taking whatever you don’t sell to a charitable organization, and handing that excess over to someone else in need.

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