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A Day In The Life At Kapilina

An oblong spa and hot tub, with a swimming pool and pool deck in the background

There are a lot of people who do a double take when you mention living in Ewa Beach. That is understandable to a degree. But one look at the Kapilina apartments and you will know that you are missing out and thinking of the old Ewa Beach.

Years ago, Ewa Beach was an undeveloped area that was used for farming. The people who lived there farmed the huge plantations which were the state’s primary source of income. At one point during that era, Ewa Beach was almost entirely a sugar plantation and a train came through to haul the product. As the military bases grew and tourism boomed, the main parts of Hawaii were brought into focus. They were beautiful and easily transformed into tourists attractions.

Kapilina Apartments

Today, Ewa Beach is home to luxury homes such as Kapilina apartments. The plantations are gone and the trains are now historical attractions to take you on a ride through history. The old ways are still alive and well in some areas, but Kapilina Beach homes are anything but plain. No expense was spared to transform this natural paradise into a highly-desired resort-style residential complex.

The apartments are new and come with all the luxury amenities you expect from a quality home. There are private beaches and wide open space for children to run and play. See pristine lagoons and residents can swim under the Hawaiian stars in their private pool. Enjoy golf in the Hawaiian breeze at one of the many exclusive golf clubs. Entertain friends on your private patio and have some drinks in the lounge area.

Some of the features of this exclusive site are:

1 mile of secluded beach
Swimming pool
Kid's water park
Fitness center / exercise room
Walking / running trails
Volleyball courts
Basketball courts
6 playgrounds

Children here can walk to school and there are plenty of safe places for them to play. Parents are just a short distance to major shopping areas, medical facilities, industry, and places of worship. While home includes all the fun of privacy, less than crowded beaches, water sports, and community, Honolulu is very nearby and there you will find historical museums, arts, Hawaiian customs, theme parks, world-class dining, dancing, and much more.

Diversity in cuisine

It is no secret that the Japanese culture has a huge influence on the Hawaiian people. When it comes to food, Hawaii is unique. While the traditional Hawaiian dishes are still served, you will find a heavy presence of Japanese Chinese, Filipino, Tahitian, and Portuguese foods. When you add in the melting pot of our military men and women who routinely live in Hawaii, you find that the food choices can come from anywhere in the world. The diversity in food is almost as exciting as the diversity in people.

Here are a few of our favorite restaurants:

Shiro’s Saimin Haven - Authentic Hawaiian food
Honolulu Kitchen - Chinese
Kountry Style Kitchen - American comfort food
Russo’s New York Style Pizza - Italian
Bangkok Chef - Thai food
For more great restaurants, click here.


When you want to step away from the life of relaxation and expand your mind, there are plenty of wonderful museums nearby. There are exhibits found nowhere else. The history of American from the view of Hawaii is unlike any other state in the United states. Enjoy the arts, unique sculptures and photographs from the past.

Here are our top picks for museums in the Ewa Beach area:

Honolulu Museum of Art
Hawaii State Museum
John Young Museum of Art
Contemporary Museum
Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House
Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

Are you looking for a little excitement? Do you want to enjoy the bright lights and thrills of chance? Check out the casino scene in Honolulu. These fine casinos are rated as high by patrons as many Vegas clubs. Enjoy drinks, shows, great food and 24-hour fun. Take your friends and make it a weekend. While there are not as many casinos in Hawaii as in the mainland, they are top of the line and guarantee you a first-class good time.

USAsia Casino Tours
Island Casino
The Orleans Resort & Casino
Club New
Live Music & Dancing

Ewa Beach is just minutes from Honolulu. It is close enough to easily visit, yet far enough away as to not disrupt your life. We are listing a few of the most popular. But there are tons more. Do your own research and find your favorite.

Surfer, The Bar

Live music, dancing, bar, and restaurant combination

Amuse Wine Bar

Very trendy wine bar with an impressive selection. Enjoy live music while you sip wine and sample wonderful cheeses.

Dukes Canoe Bar

Hawaiian culture, fruity cocktails, fresh seafood and dancing


Great drinks, a view of the beach, live music and DJ, dancing and great food. What is not to love?


Life at Kapilina apartments provides your needs. You have everything that others only dream of. But sometimes you just have to get out and go shopping. From Ewa Beach, you are about 10-15 minutes from major shopping malls. But, this is also an area of artsy, creative people with lots of boutiques and specialty shops. There's also no shortage of small shops where you can buy hand made jewelry, beautiful woodwork, paintings, and traditional Hawaiian pieces.

Daily life at Kapilina apartments is as close to perfect as man can make it. Every detail of your living accommodations has been examined and meticulously cared for. You simply walk in and you are home. Enjoy the good life and shut the world outside. But when you are ready to get out and have some fun, you will not have far to go.

Enjoy your friends and family in your own little piece of Utopia. Follow your dreams, allow your kids to grow up where they have fun routinely and they are safe. Clean air, beautiful clear skies, blue seas, and a constant sea breeze, sparkling sand and natural wild life is all yours because you deserve it. This is life the way it was intended to be and it is all waiting at Kapilina Beach homes.