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4th Annual Tonga National Day

People in white shirts wearing red leis and white feathers participating in a Tonga event

It seems there’s always something cool going on around the apartments for rent in Ewa Beach HI. This November, it’ll be an opportunity to learn more about the rich history of Tonga, on the appropriately named Tonga National Day. If you didn’t know already, it’s got quite the bit of history behind it:

“On November 4, 1875, King George Tupou I gave his consent to the constitution of the new nation of Tonga. Celebrated for many years as Tonga Constitution Day, the government of Tonga in 2006 renamed the holiday Tonga National Day and pronounced it an occasion to celebrate the country's heritage as a whole.”

Saturday, November 2nd will mark the 4th annual celebration of this holiday at the Kapilina Beach Homes, presented by Hua Hou Hawaii Events and open to the public to attend and have a great time. In advance of the event, we’ll be giving you a bit of background on the Tonga and this very special holiday so that you’ll be familiar with everything that’s going on. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

More About Tonga National Day

So, you might be wondering about the Tonga, and what this National Holiday is all about, no? To put it succinctly, Tonga (officially titled the Kingdom of Tonga) is a sovereign state, consisting of almost 200 islands located north of New Zealand. While it was once a protected state of the United Kingdom, they never gave up their sovereignty to a foreign power, and have remained independent to this day.

There are just over 100,000 citizens belonging to the Kingdom, with a majority residing on their main island, Tongatapu. In spite of the majority of their population living in that one location, though, their culture and influence has spread across the Pacific, and Tonga National Day will provide you with a chance to engage in some true cultural appreciation.

Should you attend, you’ll learn more about Tonga and their traditions, “through their dance and music performances, cultural activities, specialty vendors, and delicious food!” These are all the important things that bind us together as human beings, so even if you aren’t familiar with Tonga already, you’ll quickly become acquainted, and, most likely, quickly come to appreciate what their traditions have to offer. There will even be activities and events for the kids to participate in, so be sure to bring the whole family and have a great time.

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