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19th Annual Habilitat Luau

A man receiving a lei at the beach

Down by the pristine Honolulu waters near the fantastic Military Housing in Hawaii, Habilitat will soon be hosting the 19th edition of their annual fundraiser/family event on the 1st of June:

“Habilitat is hosting the State's largest Live and Silent Auction Luau on the first of June at Kualoa Ranch. There will be an 8-course traditional Hawaiian meal, over 500 items to be auctioned off, Live entertainment by Peni Dean, City Boys and many more.”

Never heard of Habilitat? Not sure what the Luau’s all about? No worries. Today, we’re going to break it all down for you, and provide you with all the background info you’re going to need to head to the Luau and have a great time come the beginning of June.

What Is Habilitat?

Founded in 1971 by Vinny Marino, Habilitat is one of America’s “foremost long term addiction treatment programs.” For fifty years, they’ve been dedicated to helping not only local Hawaiians, but people from around the nation through various means, with a vision of “guiding and empowering individuals to make positive choices,” and with a philosophy that underscores values like integrity, accountability, responsibility, education, and work ethic. It should come as little surprise, then, that the upcoming Habilitat Luau will be using its proceed to help further their worthy cause, and positively influence the lives of Hawaiians in need.

Background on the Luau

The Habilitat Luau will be taking place on June 1st, 2019, from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at the Kualoa Ranch on Kamehameha Highway. The ranch is a landmark in and of itself, as the 4,000-acre nature reserve has not not one, but two listings on the US Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places, and is situated on lands that have been sacred to the Hawaiian people since the 13th Century. The pristine beauty of this location makes it the perfect spot for the Luau, which will be featuring more than a few wonders of its own.

A big draw, of course, will be that fantastic, eight-course traditional Hawaiian meal. As you may well know, the cuisine of Hawaii is one that is quite unique among the States, owing in large part to its isolation and the many cultures that have come to call the island home. When it comes to a good old-fashioned Luau, it’s time to break out the “party dishes,” and the Habilitat Luau will give attendees an opportunity to enjoy some Beef Stew, Lomi Salmon, Chicken Long Rice, Kalua Pig, Rice, Poi, Haupia, and Squid Luau. You’ll want to come hungry so that you can leave happy, as missing out on even one of these fantastic dishes will be a sorely missed opportunity! The meal will also help keep your spirits high when it comes time for the awesome auction:

“The live and silent auction features over 500 items including vacation getaways, jewelry, musical instruments, furniture, power tools, gift certificates and a huge selection of artwork.”

It’s here that you’ll have the chance to bid on all sorts of curios, like surfboards, artwork, sports memorabilia, and the like. What’s more, the auction will be hosted by one of the best in the business, Hawaii’s very own “Surfer Joe” Tiepel:

“Joe Teipel is a multi-talented auctioneer, voice over professional and business consultant. Having been in business for 40 years he has had the opportunity to work with some of Hawaii’s finest business and charities.”

Bear in mind that while the auction will be an opportunity to acquire all sorts of cool new items, it’s also an opportunity for you to donate that which you no longer need. Habilitat is currently “filling their warehouse” with all sorts of stuff to put up for bidding, so if you have any items that you think might make the cut, you might want to consider dropping them a line to learn about how you can make a 100% tax-deductible donation (and gain some exposure for your brand, if you’re the business-minded type). Either way, the auction is sure to be loads of fun, so be sure not to miss it, and hang around for the next part of the Luau too — the concerts:

“Live, local entertainment is going on from start to finish. Each year we feature a different one of Hawaii’s top entertainers. Musicians, bands, hula halaus, tahitian dancing and more grace the stage to share their art with you.”

Among the acts that will be featured during the festivities, you’ll find names like Maoli. This word means “native” in Hawaiian, and the group was founded by Maui natives Glenn Awong and Kana Akiu-Corpuz. They’ve toured the country, released some riveting EPs, and will be putting their talents on display for you come June 1st.

Also on the lineup is PeniDean Puaauli, a native Hawaiian vocalist, backed by his superbly talented band and fired up to perform his distinct blend of some of Hawaii’s finest music. Rounding out the headliners are the City Boys, Honolulu-raised performers who have a soft spot for R&B, Hip Hop, and the Golden Oldies. They preach a message of positivity through their music, and their performance at the Luau is guaranteed to leave you with all kinds of feel-good vibes.

And lest we forget, the Luau will have all sorts of activities to keep the kids entertained as well. Balloon animals, face painting, caricatures, and more will be available for the young ones to take part in, and as an added bonus, all kids activities are free of charge.

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